Skin Problem

The human body’s vast innate healing responses, Hahnemann's views make the most it. One of his most important teachings concerns the danger of Suppressing the visible symptoms of an illness. Hahnemann used the example of an itching red rash on the skin. Better to have the disease on the surface of the body, He taught, because from the surface it can exit outwards. Suppressive measures may drive a disease process inward towards a more vital organ. The itching rash may disappear but worse trouble may appear down the road, trouble that may resist the strongest suppressive treatment

Homoeopathy when applied in its truest forms can cure even the serious forms of skin disorders e.g. Psoriasis, lichens eczema etc. in the most natural and the non-suppressive way.Safety of the medicine also becomes a case for homoeopathic medicines to be used in skin disorders. While using them, patient is not exposed to risks of the toxicity of the medicine as drugs in homoeopathy are highly diluted. Side effects are very uncommon. It is certainly true that the raw materials for many homeopathic medicines are known poisons. And yet, every toxicologist knows that a substance is poisonous only in a certain dose. Actually, virtually everything is poisonous in certain doses. Too much oxygen can impede respiration, and too much calcium will lead to brittle bones.Homeopathic medicines are manufactured through a specific pharmaceutical process called “potentization” in which the substance is serially diluted, Homeopathic medicines are commonly diluted so many times that there are very few, if any, of the molecules of the original substance.

Treatment with homeopathic medicines has another big edge over suppressive measures. There is always a possibility that regular use of suppressive treatment for a long period might actually strengthen the disease process instead of resolving it. Such a possibility is unheard of in homoeopathic treatment.

Most of the modhomeopathicern day radical homoeopaths are not dead against this antipathic treatment of suppression. If an allergic reaction is out of control ofcourse those symptoms should be counteracted first. These radicals have no objections to the use of these treatments on a short-term basis for the management of very severe conditions, but seriously oppose its regular use. Why is it so that such chronic disorders respond so well to homoeopathic treatment? Briefly speaking, Homoeopathic healing is not a miracle or lucky exception, but a fact of biology, the result of an optimum utilisation of the natural Healing system that each one of us is born with.

Homeopathy treats skin problems with the motto of no penalty just benefits and uses total natural substances to clear off the skin from some itchy skin conditions. Like other conventional skincare products might result in some side effects but homeopathy is free from skin effects and gives 100 percent positive results in every aspect of skin disorders. The homeopathy gives proper care on the severity of the skin condition and prevents the relapse of the condition.