A migraine is not just any other ordinary headache; it is a very debilitating condition that is a combination of a headache, nausea, vomiting and causes significant distress to the patient. This painful condition affects as many as 38 million people in INDIA alone with the incidence being higher amongst females as compared to males

On account of its nature, migraine can indeed rob a person of his quality of life and whether the patient stays at home or goes to work in spite of the pain, it ultimately results in lost productivity. Migraine is one of the common causes for work absenteeism as well as a late arrival to an office and leaving early from work. Thus the work productivity may be compromised in spite of presenteeism at the office. The sad thing is that there is considerable disability associated with this condition in chronic cases which often goes unrecognized at the clinic level

Migraines can occur at any age but usually commence between ten to forty years of age. The episodes tend to taper down with advancing age. Almost 15% of the population globally is affected by migraine. Women are affected thrice as more commonly as compared to men. A large number of people with migraine (almost 80%) have at least one family member who suffers from or has had migraine in the past.

The frequency of migraine headache varies largely from patient to patient – some migraineurs may experience the headache episodes several times a month whereas others may get only a few sporadic episodes in the entire year. The pain generally lasts for a few hours but at times even up to 3 days.

Causes of Migraine

Self-help tips for Migraine

Homeopathic treatment

Migraine condition with aura or without aura is found to respond positively on homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medications are prescribed only after complete evaluation and diagnosis of the person’s condition. Homeopathic drugs that show positive results on the migraine conditions include belladonna, nux vomica, Glonoinum, Iris Versicolor, or Epiphegus and all these medicines are ranked onto the top list for treating migraine under homeopathy. The homeopathic medicines treating migraine are more reliable and safer than other conventional drugs and surgery.