Infertility in males

Usually infertility is caused because of any hormonal problem or problem associated with the structure or function of male or female reproductive organ or tract

Infertility in Men can be due to varicocele, a problem that is thought to happen when the veins on a man’s testicle become too large such that it produces heat in the testicles. This produced heat from the veins directly affects the number or shape of the sperm. Movement of the sperm could be another factor for infertility in males. This may be caused due to the inappropriate shape of the sperm. Sometimes injuries or any sort of damage to the reproductive system could result in the blockage of the production and movement of sperm. The change in the functioning of sperm can be due to a change in his overall health and lifestyle and this may be due to heavy alcohol use, drugs, environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead, a habit of smoking cigarettes. Some health problems such as mumps, serious conditions like kidney disease, or hormone problems could be a reason for infertility in males. Some medicines, radiation treatment and chemotherapy for cancer lead to infertility in males. Age is the common and foremost factor for infertility in males.

Infertility in females

Infertility in females is because caused due to complication in the ovulation process. If the ovulation process gets disturbed, no eggs are fertilized in the woman’s womb.

Symptoms with infertility in females: Signs showing that a woman is not ovulating naturally include irregular or absent menstrual periods, change in the sensual drive, weight gain, frequent acne, milky white discharge, structural issues with reproductive organs.

Homeopathy Treatment for infertility

Infertility in males and females can be treated with proper consultation and homeopathic medication with a doctor who deals with infertility issues and with proper medication it can be managed. A patient can contact at Dr. Shalini’s clinic either verbally or through teleconsultation form.