Any unwanted reaction produced by the immune system is known as an allergy, which occurs when a person’s immune system starts reacting to harmless substances and shows a result in form of allergy. The substances to which immune system could react to include dust particles, pollution, various food items, dust, milk etc. dust mites, moulds, dander, and certain other substances.

The body has an automatic reaction to what it sees as a threat and while in most people these substances suppose no problem, in those with allergies the immune system identifies them as a treat and produces an in appropriate response to them.

In some people, these substances may show no reaction while in some people these may act as a threat due to the reaction immune system shows towards those substances. An allergy happens when even after the immune system identifies them as a treat and fails to produce any response to them resulting in symptoms of allergy.

Initially allergy begins after the immune system in the body wrongly identified an everyday harmless, substance as an attacker. The immune system after that is supposed to produce a class of antibodies like IgE, which are specific for that particular allergen. This antibody later alters the fighting cells within the immune system, every time this substance is encountered the allergens become resistant towards these antibodies.

An allergy can, thereafter results into a runny nose, or itchy eyes and mouth, skin rash gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal discomfort and vomiting. In case the allergic reactions are severe, these could be dangerous and also called as an anaphylaxis.

After prolonged exposure to an allergen, the immune system further employs some fighting cells so that these could attack the invading substance. After these chemical substances are released, these may cause further discomfort to allergy suffers and increases the severity of their symptoms.

What are the different forms of allergy?

Homoeopathic treatment for allergy provides the extraction of the underlying root cause of the allergic condition. The homoeopathic medicine does not contain any toxin ingredient and thereafter the safe and side-effect free treatment for the allergic condition. The best homoeopathic remedy for allergy includes Apis Mellifica, Natrum Mur, Arsenic Album, or Sulphur.