Meet Dr. Shalini Vinay

Dr. Shalini’s The Specialists Clinic is owned & handled by Dr. Shalini. Dr. Shalini is a Gold Medalist and possesses a great experience in the field of treatment through Homeopathy. She is a leading Homeopathy Practitioner based in Delhi NCR.

She is practicing homeopathy for the past 16 years and is specially recognized for her cures in Female, skin, child & other health disorders. Her approach and simplicity make her an acclaimed doctor.

Dr.Shalini stands as the best homeopathic doctor in Gurgaon with access to the finest and affordable medical care facilities, enabling people to obtain the best possible medical care whenever and wherever required. The mission is to provide Quality and excellence to the customers promptly and exclusively.

The clinic greatly deals with an arrangement of medical services to the patients who cannot visit the clinic. This facility is especially for older patients or out of station patients through courier service.

The professional treatment of Dr.Shalini brings her a unique set of experience adding more value to her professional career. In a word, excellent. That’s how the Homeopathic treatment at Dr.Shalini’s clinic can be described.

Counselling for Kids and Adults

Dr. Shalini provides counseling sessions to kids suffering from anxiety, ADHD and low concentration. Kids are taught simple techniques to keep their mind calm and to improve concentration. These days many children, as well as adults, report suicidal tendencies, depression and anxiety symptoms. For these symptoms, Dr. Shalini takes counseling session and short meditation techniques are taught to make the patient realize the value of their life.
The working, ambitious and hardworking people especially working in big companies are suffering from depression these days due to a high level of competition and job insecurity. Due to this, the need for counseling, meditation, and brain calming exercises is increasing today.

homeopathy doctor in Gurgaon

All About Homeopathy

The system of natural medications such as herbs or plant-derived substances to cure ailments and diseases in the 18th-century timeline is still being practiced in the recent era which is the so-called ‘homeopathy’. Homeopathic philosophy is based on the concept in which the medicines or remedies stimulate the body’s self-regulating mechanism to initiate the healing process. It has a unique approach to treat the body’s illness by considering the illness and symptoms as an imbalance created among body, mind, and spirit. By appropriate homeopathic remedy, the vital force that brings out the balance is considered as a necessary treatment. Dr. Shalini Sharma who is recognized as the best homeopathy doctor in Gurgaon is well experienced in rendering appropriate remedies to all your illness no matter if it is acute or chronic.

Homeopathic Principles

The homeopathy has some important principles that are its foundation.
The cornerstone principle is based on ‘let likes cure likes’ in which the substance that produces the disease in an healthy person is used to elicit a healing mechanism in a person who is infected with the similar disease.
The second is the single remedy concept which focuses on only one homeopathic remedy given at one point time. The Multiple or combinations of remedies are not given at a time.
The third principle is the minimum dose which is given at repetitions to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the side effects.
The last principle is that it focuses on potentized dose to make it more powerful by diluting and shaking the extracts with suitable dilution.

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